She is an acclaimed performer on the variety show, an ace on entertainment. She owns the stage. But far from the spotlight and the public, in her private life, she becomes lonely and helpless.
This is the life and the adventures of a little big hero who never gives up, her journey between stage and reality lived thought her emotions as a daily life clown.

Be aware: this is a punk-clown show that can hit directly to your heart and involve you hopelessly. Live all these warning carefully.

Between Anna De Franceschi and the Duodorant, it was love at first sight. In this artistic marriage, they both saw in Ginger a contemporary clown, far from the stereotype of the childrens` clown. Using the clown techniques Ginger speaks universally about a world full of dreams, expeditions and loneliness where everybody can recognize her/himself.
Don’t expect flowers, accordions or balloons.
But an explosive vitality, emotional charge and ruthlessness.

The journey between stage and reality lived through her emotions as a daily life clown.

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giugno 2024

23giu21:00Super Ginger!21:00 Busnelli Giardino Magico, Via Rossi, 37 - Dueville (VI)Scheda spettacolo

28giu21:15Super Ginger!21:15 Piazzale del Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime (Treviglio)Scheda spettacolo


Producer: StivalaccioTeatro - Year of production: 2016
Written and played by: Anna De Franceschi
Music Consultant: Simone Chivilò - Set design: Giorgio Benotto - Objects design: Alberto Nonnato
Directed by: DuoDorant
Staging by: Giulio Canestrelli