Giulio Pasquati from Padua and Girolamo Salimbeni from Florence are two actors of the famous company Comici Gelosi, well-known during the 16th and 17Th century. They come on stage to tell how they succeeded in evading the gallows with the help of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza and, most of all, with the help of the public.

Their last wish as condemned men is to play the adventures of one of the most comic and famous couples in the history of literature.. This is a chance to try to postpone their executions to the utmost, using all their buskers’ and storytellers’ abilities among windmills and sheep’s armies. And even if sometimes they don’t remember the plot… no problem, improvisation is their job!

"[...] The general performance is brilliant, rippling and exhilarating from the first to the last line [...] The two actors have a perfect understanding [...] The show is very amusing, well-thought and realized with terrific skills from two young talented actors."

A. Agosti, Il Giornale di Vicenza

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Producer: Stivalaccio Teatro / Teatro Stabile del Veneto
Year of production: 2014
Original concept: Marco Zoppello - Dialogues: Carlo Boso e Marco Zoppello
Played and directed by: Michele Mori and Marco Zoppello
Costumes: Antonia Munaretti - Masks: Roberto Maria Macchi
Light and Sound Operator: Matteo Pozzobon
Artistic Consultant: Carlo Boso


“ The harmony and the join between the dialect of Veneto and the dialect of Tuscany (...) produces a contagious happiness (...). The public gladly accepts the interaction with the actors, letting the theatre’s craft catch each of them and laughing as hard as they can.”  
Tommaso Chimenti -

“This show is a firework display, a vortex of literary quotes of every time.”  
Nicoletta Cavanna – Radio Gold