In a place or better in a Neverwhere, or even better in Everywhere, there are two children who still have to discover everything: Joy, Friendship, Fear, Prejudice. One day the Adults decide that the city should be split into two parts. In this part "the Ones" will live, in the other part will live "the Others". Why are they dividing the city? You can always find a reason: the colour of the skin, language, religion, social class... who knows? Suddenly the Guard appears, splitting the city with a relentless red line.

Very soon the children understand that it is all stupid: how can we play, laugh and, why not, argue if there is a wall between us? The motto "a laugh will bury you" is perfectly coined for this story. In fact the two young girls take over the city and hold the Guard to ridicule until a deafening laughter comes forth from all of the windows of the city and makes the walls tremble until they fall down.

"When you build a wall, think about what you are leaving on the other side."

(Italo Calvino)

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Written by: Marco Zoppello
Producer: Stivalaccio Teatro with the sponsorship of Tuscany Region and NataTeatro - Year of production: 2015
Cast: Sara Allevi, Anna De Franceschi and Giulio Canestrelli
Voice over: Mirko Artuso - Set and objects design: Alberto Nonnato - Costume design: Antonia Munaretti
Sound and light design: Matteo Pozzobon
Directed by: Marco Zoppello