Two children, Emilio and Susanna, feel fear in a different way. They listened to the story of Hop-o-My Thumb and in the dark of their room they imagine the arrival of the ogre. Emilio is terrified, while Susanna, instead, is excited and ready to face the terrible monster. The most important thing is not falling asleep to be prepared for the ogre's arrival! But how? They try their very best not to fall asleep but the results are very poor. Then, finally, the inspiration! The only thing that can keep them awake is Fear itself!
They begin to tell each other the most terrifying stories they know, where witches, ghosts and cruel parents play.

The fear becomes, therefore, a game with which they can play and invent until they almost forget the ogre or better, they are ready to face him with a smile.

Through this world of hungry ogres, witches and smart children, we will jump back to the past when stories were told in front of the fireplace or at bedtime, before falling asleep.

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Producer: Stivalaccio Teatro / Teatro Stabile del Veneto - Year of production: 2016
Written by: Sara Allevi and Michele Mori
Cast: Anna De Franceschi and Michele Mori OR Eleonora Marchiori and Leonardo Tosini
Costumes and set design: Woodstock Teatro
Poster graphic design: Silvia Lazzarin

Directed by: Michele Mori