A lively old lady, who is 99 years old, lives in boredom on her farm with only four animals for company. One day someone knocks at the door: it's Lady McDeath, Death itself, with her scythe, who arrives in time to fulfil her sad duty. But the old lady is hard of hearing and she mistakes Lady McDeath for an old companion of her youth. She welcomes her to come in and stay and they begin a sweet and unexpected friendship. Death decides therefore to stay until the hundredth birthday of her new friend and she organises a wonderful party with all the animals. The old lady knows that she is very old and realises that she needs to be ready to follow her host.

"This is an intelligent, sensitive and intense show. It is comic and poetic at the same time."

(Il Giornale di Vicenza)

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Inspired by a book of Pascal Teulade and Jean-Charles Sarrazin
Producer: Stivalaccio Teatro - Year of production: 2013 - Re- staging 2018
With: Anna De Franceschi e Michele Mori
Set and objects design: Alberto Nonnato
Directed by: Luca Rodella