Giulio Pasquati and Girolamo Salimbeni, two charlatans and buskers with a checkered past, have the honor to play in front of the future King of France, Henry III Valois. The requested pièce is the biggest love story of all time: Romeo and Juliet.

They have just two hours before the show begins to prepare everything and to find the right “Juliet”, a pure and honest girl who prince Henry will admire. So Veronica Franco shows up, poet and famous courtesan of the Republic and she accepts to play the role of the good Juliet. The public attend the rehearsal of the play where the actors create and recreate the story of the Bard in a fabulous mix of plots, dialects, songs, improvisations, sounds, duels, pantomime.

Shakespeare’s work becomes a living matter the actors can tap into to bring to the stage the biggest passions of human life.

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Producer: Stivalaccio Teatro / Teatro Stabile del Veneto
Year of production: 2015
Original concept: Marco Zoppello 
Cast: Anna De Franceschi, Michele Mori and Marco Zoppello
Costumes: Antonia Munaretti - Masks: Roberto Maria Macchi - Set design: Alberto Nonnato - Duels: Giorgio Sgaravatto
Music Consultant: Veronica Canale

Directed by: Marco Zoppello


“This show is full of theatre and metatheatre, a deep research on languages and dialects and, of course, commedia dell’arte. The actors have an incredible ability in dealing with comic and tragic registers and they are able to break down the fourth wall, making the public completely part of the show.”
Mara Pedrabissi - La Gazzetta di Parma

“Effervescence and balance, improvisation and control, foolishness and skills. These are the ingredients of the spectacle Romeo and Juliet of Stivalaccio Teatro.” 
Alessandra Agosti – Il Giornale di Vicenza